When you brought your dog into your life, I'm sure you dreamed about the walks you would have together.

If you never imagined that you something you thought would be so fun could turn into your biggest nightmare, you're not alone.

Do any of these ring true to you?

You you dread having to clip your dog's leash on and walk out that door.

You worry constantly about seeing another dog suddenly. You can't relax and enjoy the walk as you are always scanning for threats. You know your dog is picking up on your anxiety, and you feel bad but you just don't know how to stop.

When your dog does react, it feels scary and out of control. You worry about what would happen if you couldn't control your dog and those judgemental looks from other dog owners make you feel so helpless and small.

You know what they are thinking.. "Why can't she just control that dog?"

If they only knew how hard you tried...

After the walk you look at your dog, sleeping peacefully and all that you wish is that the world could see what a lovable and kind soul they are when they are at home.

If this all sounds all too familiar, I want you to know that it doesn't have to be this way forever.

Whether you are just starting your journey with your sensitive dog or you have been struggling with your walks for a long time and have done everything in your power to turn the chaos to calm; this is solution your have been looking for.

No more combing the internet for hours at a time looking for the latest quick fix, no more getting trolled in dog groups for asking the wrong question. No more sleepless nights worrying that you aren't doing enough for your dog.

You deserve to be supported on your journey with your dog.

Cause let's just call it what it is, living with a 'reactive' dog is hard.

Rewarding, yes! So much love and learning to be had, but, still it still has its super challenging moments

The secret to success is support.

When you have someone to hold your hand and give you bite sized actionable steps walking success becomes totally within reach

The Worry-Free Walks program is the easiest and most effective way to transform your walks with your sensitive dog without feeling overwhelmed.

It's 6 month group program that offers you individualized support to help you finally get to that goal of peaceful walks with your best friend.

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey together?

Picture the Scene….

You are out on walk with your dog. He just spotted another dog in the distance and instead of freaking out, he calmly looks back towards you with a happy face. You feel SO proud as you praise and reward him generously!

You can't believe that you actually look forward to your walks now. You get to listen to the birds sing, take in the fresh air and just enjoy the time spent connecting instead of constantly scanning for threats. You just feel so much more confident as you have your walking skills nailed!

Your dog is so much more relaxed and happy now too... He walks calmly on leash and listens to you. You can't wait for your next adventure to the beach. You feel so happy and grateful knowing that the effor you put in has paid off and he gets to live his best life and have so much fun!

Best of all, your relationship and connection with your dog is stronger than ever.


Are you ready to say Yes! to a better life with your dog?

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

"Miranda’s coaching was SO supportive for me and my reactive 12-year-old dog. We moved from a residential to an urban environment and the constant stimulation was very stressful for him. Miranda taught me that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Her methods are rooted in patience, kindness, and understanding of a dog's perception and learning. She blew me away with all the support she offered inside her program. She is a pleasure and very responsive. I HIGHLY recommend her programs for sensitive dogs in any stage of life. You will both be more relaxed and confident!"

Amanda & Bullet

Worry-Free Walks Includes...


  • 1 Live 90-minute Masterclass a month with a Q&A - You'll discover how to maximize your dogs' physical and mental wellbeing AND support yourself so that you feel calmer and more connected - valued at $997

  • 3 Easy to follow video training lessons a month - Discover the easiest and kindest ways to boost your dogs focus, improve his loose leash walking and listening skills so that you can finally have peaceful walks together- valued at $697

  • 3 Live Group Support Calls per month - For when you are feeling stuck; we trouble shoot any challenges you are having and get you feeling more optimistic and confident- valued at $497

  • 6 1:1 SOS coaching calls- Customized individualized support for when you hit a roadblock - valued at $597


  • UNLIMITED Video Homework Review - You get immediate feedback on your lessons for quick progress - valued at $397

  • LIFETIME Access to my VIP Client Support Space - Discover the strength of leaning into community, and make friends who truly understand you and your dog- valued at $297

  • UNLMITED VIP Access to all special events during program - valued at $197

  • BONUES Expert Speakers on Nutrition, Movement to heal Trauma, Detecting Pain, Supporting your mental wellness - valued at $297

  • AND much, much more!!!

That's $4000 value for only $1997 CAD!

Taking my dog for walks has become a joy!

"Working with Miranda truly changed my relationship with my 5-year-old sensitive rescue, Bird. Miranda's program and corresponding resources are comprehensive and really take into account the specific needs of your dog based on breed(s), home environment, nutritional needs, etc.. She genuinely cares for the well-being of her human clients as well and provides helpful resources to manage stress and be more present with your dog. I felt incredibly supported by Miranda during our program, and I am very grateful for her guidance. Taking my dog for walks has become a more joyful activity and, as a result, I feel closer than ever to my favourite canine companion."

Bird & Emma

I feel so much more confident walking now!

"When I first adopted Grape, I wanted to make sure I could support her as best I could. I could tell she didn’t like other dogs coming up to her on walks, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Miranda’s coaching has helped both Grape and I to develop strategies for our walks. I feel much more confident with Grape, and her confidence has grown as well. Each session has been full of knowledge, practical strategies, and a calm demeanor. I feel so much better as a dog owner having worked with Miranda; I cannot recommend it enough! Grape and I are so happy with our experience."

Grape & Lauren

You’ll be supported every step of the way... so who am I?

Miranda Wimbush, Certified Holistic Canine Coach & Mindfulness Coach

As a lifetime dog pro and the mom to a sensitive boy, Willy, Miranda knows first hand what it takes to live and love a sensitive dog. She will meet you where you are at and support you in creating total walk transformation with so much love and compassion.

She is a Certified Professional Dog trainer, Family Dog Mediator and Veterinary Technician.She is also trained in Transformational Life Leadership Coaching as well as Reiki and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is a HeartMath Certified Mentor. She has the knowledge, the heart and the skills to support both ends of the leash

She has transformed the lives of hundreds of "reactive" dogs using the most cutting edge, gentle and effective methods available.Youdaily life does not have to be filled with stress, dread and regrets. You have the power to shift your walks as you create a beautiful relationship with your dog!

Connect with Miranda on Instagram (@miranda.wimbush) and Facebook (Heart Centered Canine Club).

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